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Just how much do you think it would have cost here if we were attacked again??? One more similar 9/11 attack and we have spent more here on recovery than the "war" to stop it from happening again. I would love to have things the way they were BEFOR 9/11, but wake up, there are sick satanic scum out there that would like nothing else than to ruin our country. If that means destroying our economy and killing our children they are fine with that. George Bush is doing exactly what he took an oath to do, defend our country agains ALL enemies. If you blow hards would take out similar ads to show our enemies how much we will resist them and will do anything to stop them they would not have as many US supposed citizens working for them. They cout on that. Every ad you vomit out of your twisted mind just gives our enemy more resolve to keep fighting against us. Oh, and by the way, we already spend a ton of money on education...the problem is NOT money, it is the FACT that we retool our schools to condone the lowest common denominator, we have to let all children learn in their language, and the schools tolerate students who are disruptive and don'want to learn. You and your ads are nothing more than attacks on EVERY citizen of the US. I am sick of the media outlets who don't care what you give them to broadcast as long as they can make a buck. I'd really like to know just how much of your support money come from al-quida and foreign governments opposed to the US.

here here, I agree with all of you...question....did John Kerry really witness crimes against Vietnam citizens??? If he did why did he not report them when they is his duty to do so and if he did not he is guilty.....if they did not take place then he has lied to the US Congress and citizens...either way he is a lying trator.....your ads suck...if you took all th emoney you were wasting on those ads and used them to help people imagine what good you could do.

I want to thank you for your television ads. They have reinforced my decission to vote for George Walker Bush. What has happened to the Democratic Party?

Your leasder is a serial sex ofeender who has been impeached, disbarred, fined.

Your conscience is a murderer. Your candidate is a traitor who is honored in a museum in Ho Chi Minh City for his work in defeating America in Vietnam.

All in all, the democrats public face is lying criminal scum. Keep the ad campaign up, you're helping George Walker Bush bury John, the traitor, Kerry.

makeamerica television ad

make america work for us tv ad

What a crock this ad is. Yes the US has spent billions in Iraq. To help Americans free themselves from attacks from an area of the world living under despots, Kings and tyrants who are still in the 12th century. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Teachers are employees of states and counties. Write your state or county to hire more.

Health insurance is available to anyone who wants to buy it. Veterans (like me) are covered for our service to our country. Remember JFK. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

-- relocated following which was originally posted to Ickes article page -- --Bob Burton 23:19, 23 Aug 2004 (EDT) --

My hero. I saw the first of the retaliatory ads against "W" tonight during the news. Great job! It was the one about the no-bid contracts that Haliburton has with the government. It's about time the Democrats took the damn gloves off.