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In 1973 Mark was a long hair dope smoking hippie at Denver East High in Linda Mataresse's Political Science class. I was there.


  • I reverted your deletion of the quote from the McConnell article on the Mark McKinnon page as you were changing a quote from a cited source. I also think your note that the basis of the deletion was that it was "outdated material" was going way too far. If we were going to use your standard that any material from 2004 or earlier could be removed because it was "oudated" (ie the Kerry windsurfing ad mention), then we'd be deleting a lot of material. There was also no need to add the fact that McKinnon worked on the McCain campaign in 2008 as it was already mentioned earlier on the page.
  • I noticed that in an earlier edit you added the simple url as the source. It is better for all of us if we added the full reference rather than just the url See Help:references. For example, see how I expanded the ref you added on CAP's funding here. with thanks --Bob Burton 23:08, 3 March 2009 (EST)
Oh sorry, I didn't notice the whole paragraph was a quote. Maybe it would be good to make it a blockquote so that's clear?
Either way, the more important point is that the quote is mostly speculation about what McKinnon will do in 2008. It's not clear to me why we'd describe what people predicted he would do rather than describing what he actually did. Binarybits 23:50, 3 March 2009 (EST)