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I am located in Warsaw , Poland and I am a retired American professional. I have started to do research on the life of Col. Dimitry Shalikashvili aka Szalikasvili aka Szalikasvili.

Anybody familiar with " Memoirs,Poland" D. Szalikashvili, English translation by M. Szalikashvili , Jozef Pilsudski Institute Library , New York City, NY ?

It is reported that Col. Dimitry Shalikasvili was one of the many White Russian ,Georgian , so called " Contract Officers " in Polish Army of the Second Polish Republic under Marshall Pilsudski.

It is further reported in various places that Col S. was later, after German occupation of Poland, a German Waffen SS Panzer officer rising to the rank of Obersturmbannfuhrer ( Colonel ) and as such, commanding Waffen SS Panzer unit was taken prisoner-of-war by US Army in France.

Anybody has confirmation of US Army POW records to show date of capture , unit identification and rank of the prisoner ?

I have a permit to access the files of the Polish Military Archives, but looking for American sources.

I also have accumulated already considerable additional data on Col. S.