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Please mention the part where the US Army personel were offered keys to doors, and refused them, preferring to shoot at the locks or doors (thus enhancing their own saftey and that of the other people in the hospital, in regards to bullet fragments, etc.)

the third dot point referes to an Army report of 'two weeks ago" - when exactly was that? Would be good to include a reference/link to the report too. Bob Burton

I reread the Jessica Lynch entry and the item to which you refer was quoted from the German "Today Show" transcript. It will take a search to find the original Army report, unfortunately, if it can be found at all.

After another examination, the citation does indicate that "two weeks ago" might be two weeks prior to the airing of the "Today Show" report ... which posted July 11, 2003 .. so, back up two weeks (+/-), which would date the report to approximately the last week of June.


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