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Here's a lengthy perspective:

  • Congress’s report on the Iran-Contra affair shows “the common ingredients of the White House policies were secrecy, deception, and disdain for the law.” Moyers is right. The Congressional Report does show the Reagan White House deceived the American people and expressed contempt for the Constitution and the law.
  • The Congressional Report says: “The President did know of the Iran arms sales, and he made a deliberate decision not to notify Congress. . . . As a consequence of the President’s decision not to notify Congress, the operation continued for over a year through failure after failure, and when Congress finally did learn, it was not through notification by the Administration, but from a story published in a Beirut weekly.”
  • The Reagan Administration repeatedly lied to the American people throughout the Iran-Contra scandal. In fact, Reagan, Bush, and the other Iran-Contra participants managed to get away with their wrongdoing precisely because they lied, stalled, stonewalled, and participated in a cover-up -- not because they were innocent, as many of their supporters still believe.