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Edit Notes

I added a ref for the stub material and some links. However I have relocated two sentence here (my queries indented):

  • "He is also a representative for the Private Property Rights Committee.
from what I can see he has appeared as a media contact on the bottome of media releases issued by the PFGA's Private Property Rights Committee. The way the sentence was written could be read as though it was a separate organisation rather than a committee. As it is a committee the fact that he is comms director for the whole organisation is sufficient I think.
  • Geoff Gare is Pro-GM (Genetically modified foods) and has claimed that he would eat GM foods.
maybe he is, but statements like this need to be referenced. Please see

The same referencing standards need to be applied to key points in all profiles. With thanks --Bob Burton 20:34, 4 July 2007 (EDT)