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Hi Gangle,

How about renaming this to FOREST, since it is more appropriate/accurate for the acronym, and since "forest" is a large grove of trees ?? Some would even suggest that FOREST redirect to the full name. Thanks for your consideration,
--Maynard 11:00 11 Dec 2003 (EST)

--- Hi gangle one small point on referencing documents from the Legacy library - if you copy the web address when you have the document open say the FOREST one you get - if you search on the Bates no from the Library front page you get the web reference as library -- not only is this shorter it is the same address that is the standard format used by tobacco researchers in referencing these documents (if you save the reference to your 'bookbag' the format of the address will be the shoter reference address). cheers -- bob


Gangle, Not sure if you have seen this document -- just got an alert on it today but busy with a few other things -- cheers --Bob Burton 22:58, 23 Aug 2004 (EDT)

Minutes of the 11th Meeting of the Public Relations Sub-Committee of T.A.C. Held at Glen House, Stag Place, London, S.W.1. On Tuesday, 790508

Company/Source: Philip Morris Document Date: 08 May 1979 (est.) Length: 9 pages Bates No. 2501159474/9481A URL: PDF Version:

  The Tobacco Advisory Council (TAC) was the trade group of the United Kingdom tobacco companies (Gallaher, British American Tobacco, Imperial, and Rothmans).  It was the British equivalent of the Tobacco Institute in the United States.  These minutes of a 1979 meeting of a subcommittee of the Tobacco Advisory Council (TAC) describe plans to set up the smokers' rights group FOREST ("Freedom Organisation for the Right To Enjoy Smoking Tobacco").
   In the meeting, members of the tobacco industry rehearsed how they would answer press inquiries about FOREST after its launch, saying "T.A.C. should reply that while they were aware of its existence, [the industry] had no connection with the new organization...]. "  The General Manager of Public Affairs at Gallaher Tobacco stated that "his company should reply that Forest was an independent organisation, that it seemed a good idea for it to support smokers and that the company provided financial support and nothing more."
  FOREST was supposed to appear to the public to be independent from the industry, but it derived its funding almost completely from tobacco companies and their allies.