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The way the U.S. Greens under Ralph Nader did this so successfully in 2000 could be a case study.

It may also explain why so many Greens believe the 9/11 domestic conspiracy theory, since those events were 1. pined for by Project for the New American Century which desired a "new Pearl Harbor" to force mobilization to conquer Earth 2. so conveniently timed as to redefine the center yet again, just when the military-industrial complex had effectively lost control of it, and was facing fundamental challenges on questions of dangerous technology, climate change, extinction, deforestation, etc. All of these issues were on the top of the agenda in international circles in early 2001, due mostly to treaty cancellations and huge mobilizations against free trade and the IMF and WTO, and dropped to the bottom by the end of that year, due to one convenient event.

Whether this was yet another deliberate way to define the center, depends on whether one believes in the 9/11 domestic conspiracy theory or not.