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C.I.A. Inspector General's Report / Homeland Security Appointment

Odd mention of Allen in this NY Times article. Sources who seem to be defenders of Tenet mention that Allen was not interviewed for the IG report. It is not clear if the suggestion is that Allen could provide information supporting Tenet or whether blame should be further approtioned. Also interesting / odd that Allen has ended his 46+ year career with CIA with an appointment to the Department of Homeland security. Anyone have any insight into these recent reports?

edit Charles Allen at CIA different than the DOD General Counsel

This article combines information about two different people.

Charles E. Allen, with a career at the Central Intelligence Agency, is a different person than the Charles Allen who served in the U.S. Department of Defence Office of the General Counsel.

Thanks -- have relocated material here so that if necess it can be reposted to a more approp named page--Bob Burton 02:05, 1 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Department of Defense

  • Office of the General Counsel (2002) [1]
  • Deputy General Counsel for International Affairs at the Department of Defense (2002)
  • a senior Department of Defense lawyer (2003) [2]