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I did a little bit of clean up on this page, and I will probably rewrite some bits of it later. SiberioS --- Material I cut out of the page for relocating to APC page (if not already there) and Tory Reform Group page. Will return when I have a moment --Bob Burton 22:36, 25 Nov 2004 (EST)

--- APCO are lobbyists for various US companies who work in Europe These include Shell, Exxon Chemical, CEFIC (chemical industries association), Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, Boeing and Monsanto. Issues have included EU/US trade negotiations, EU chemical policy, transport, defence, corporate governance, emissions legislation and food biotechnology." Their site also concedes they do 'grass roots work': "While in Washington... led a $50 million a year global information program on genetically modified foods. The campaign integrated different communications tools -- from advertising and opinion research to media relations, consumer marketing, online advocacy and grassroots activism -- in multiple markets around the world, including North America, Europe and Japan." see Stephen Kehoe APCO have also been doing "European crisis work for WorldCom." [1]

which they share with the Tory Reform Group which contains our old friends: Michael Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke, Lord Hunt, Lord Hurd, Chris Patten, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Sir Tim Sainsbury and a host of other top Conservatives. The office is also used by the Action Centre for Europe which gathers together: Lord Carrington, Lord Howe, Lord Brittan, Kenneth Clarke, Stephen Dorrell, Christopher Patten, Lord Hunt and so on. The Conservative Group for Europe (much the same line-up) are also tucked in there. At number 11, the European Movement's offices are down the road and so are the Social Market Foundation.