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Does anyone else have the problem I do? I send my payment in to Capital One the same amount of time as my other bills. 10 days. They on occasion say I am late. This then makes me over the limit and then they charge me an over the limt fee. I call them to complain and they refuse to remove the charge. What can a person do???? This is so unfair.

I have 2 credit cards and an auto loan with capital one. Not only do they continually charge late fees, but they do not stand by their agreements. In August my son underwent surgery & we were really pressed for cash. We went through all the necessary steps of defferring a payment. They sent us the confirmation that the payment was defferred. Since that time I have received 8 late payment letters, over 50 late payment phone calls (both at home & at my job), have made over 20 phone calls to their corporate office, sent 3 emails, 4 faxes and 1 letter by certified snail mail. My credit is ruined, and they never did defer my payment! I was finally forced to make the payment that they had agreed to defer. This was a nightmare that I hope someone else never has to go through. If I would have known that I would never be able to speak to a manager or anyone other than a switchboard person, I would have never booked on with this company! Please beware of agreements that this company does not stand by!!