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It turns out that Bob Barr has kept his leadership PAC, Bob Barr Leadership Fund, active even though he was tossed out of the House in the 2002 Elections. Yesterday's AJC published a very informative article:

"Since 2003, Barr's PAC has raised $4.3 million with similar mailings.
But only a small portion of that money has made its way to Republican campaigns.
In the last five years the fund has given $125,200 — about three cents of every dollar raised — to federal candidates and other campaign committees, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found in a review of reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Another $81,875 went to state and local campaigns.
The fund spent more than $710,000 in that period on administrative costs, including office expenses, $41,109 in salary for Barr's son Derek and a $500 political consulting fee for his son Adrian. It also paid $865 for travel for Barr's wife, Jeri.
Most of the fund's spending — $3.3 million, or about 78 percent of all gifts from donors — paid for raising more money, including mailing lists, postage and telemarketing."
"It costs money to raise money," Barr said.
Cameron McWhirter, Megan Clarke, "For Barr's PAC, 'it costs money to raise money'", The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 18, 2008

Barr has also been a Libertarian Party member since late 2006, and December 15, 2006 became Libertarian National Committee representative of Region 4. (for now: David Weigel, "Bob Barr, Unbowed: An interview with the Republican congressman turned Libertarian Party leader". Reason Magazine, December 18, 2006; but I'll source from the official LP website a bit later)

It turns out that what little of Barr's leadership PAC money was put into politicians' campaign funds has since 2007 been placed into some very un-libertarian minded Republicans.

I am planning to place this information, with better sourcing onto the main stub, and believe that the Open-Secrets data regarding Bob Barr's Leadership PAC need be a part of it. What I'm asking for is a little help with the proper formatting of the Open-Secrets data, to fit in with the current style of Sourcewatch. I am very much uninformed about how this is being done on Congresspedia. The Open-Secrets link is:

Any information about formatting would be greatly appreciated.

I'll return in a bit, after I collect a few more pieces of data for this stub.

cheers, --hugh_manateee 17:51, 19 May 2008 (EDT)

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AJC Series

Reason Magazine

David Weigel, "Bob Barr, Unbowed", Reason Magazine, December 18, 2006