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This was arguably the most important year for propaganda, ever. An MBA with no claim to the office other than his father's friends saying so, undertook the first coup in the only superpower. The Project for the New American Century got to build its New World Order, starting with the treaties and moving on to invading any country that they could claim had anything to do with September 11, 2001. This millenium's failed superpower invaded Afghanistan, just like last millenium's failed superpower did in the 20th century. Bizarre weather events were portrayed as coincidence by Bush Leaguers and as global warming events by most sane people.

In addition to a neutral list of events, it might be of some value to have an editorial (not in the same article but linked to it) about "the year in propaganda". This could, in time, become a regular publication of article length, like Weapons of mass deception. To collectively write it over the course of the whole year would be ideal - so 2003 in propaganda for instance would discuss the new techniques discovered and actually used, reveal the facts behind the most contentious issues, etc.. It would be ready for publication pretty much on Jan.1 of the new year.