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Television for Education – Asia Pacific, "trading as TVE Asia Pacific and abbreviated as TVEAP, is a not-for-profit organisation working in the Asia Pacific region.

"TVEAP engages in information, education and communication (IEC) activities on a broad range of sustainable development and social justice issues.

"Set up in 1996, the organisation has over a decade’s experience in using audio-visual media (television, video and film) and new media (Internet and Web) for development communication." [1]

TVE Asia Pacific’s team is headed by CEO Nalaka Gunawardene, "an award winning science journalist and communications specialist who has wide experience working with national, regional and international organisations for nearly 20 years." [2]

TVE Asia Pacific: Regional and Global Partnerships



"During the current triennium 2003 - 2005, TVE Asia Pacific's regional activities are mainly supported by:

  • Novib - Oxfam Netherlands
  • Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program

"In 2003 - 2004, we also received recent support from the following organisations:

Past donors

"Since 1996, a large number of bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as various private foundations have supported TVE Asia Pacific and its Asia Pacific partner network. These include:



(As at 8 December 2006)