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The term swiftboating "comes from a 2004 television ad that undermined [John] Kerry's status as a decorated Vietnam War hero, making less stark the contrast between him and George Bush, a self-proclaimed 'wartime leader' who'd never heard a shot fired in anger," William Triplet wrote in Variety, February 5, 2006.

"If you can construct believable stories with enough truth in them to smear somebody royally, boy, is there a pot of gold waiting for you in D.C.," Triplet said. "Spin doctors are nothing new in politics, but a certain type -- equal parts scriptwriter, opposition researcher and ruthless street fighter -- is increasingly in demand, and for good reason.

"Just ask John Kerry, the former Democratic presidential candidate who became the target object of a new verb: swift-boating," Triplet wrote.

Also see swiftboating in the Wikipedia.

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