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Suzanne Scholte "is President of the Defense Forum Foundation (DFF), a non-profit educational foundation that sponsors programs on national security, foreign affairs and human rights issues. Human rights in North Korea has been a major focus for the DFF. In July 1996, the Ms. Scholte launched a project to bring defectors from North Korea to the United States, including efforts to bring North Korea’s highest-ranking defector, Hwang Jang-yop, to the United States. The DFF has also hosted North Korean defectors Colonel Joo-Hwal Choi and diplomat Young Hwan Ko on Capitol Hill, among others. As a result of the DFF’s efforts to raise awareness about human rights conditions in North Korea, the Seoul-based Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and the Tokyo-based Society to Help Returnees to North Korea, asked them to become their U.S. partner in June 1998. Ms. Scholte has testified before Congress and has spoken at numerous international conferences on the subject of human rights conditions in North Korea." [1]

She is Treasurer of the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea.

"Suzanne Scholte has been President of the Defense Forum Foundation since 1989 and was one of its founding Board members. She formerly served as Chief of Staff for former Congressman Mac Sweeney, who served on the House Armed Services and the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committees. At the time she was the youngest Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill. Scholte also served as Political Director of the Fund for a Conservative Majority and Projects Director for the American Conservative Union. She is also the Chairman of the U.S.-Western Sahara Foundation, Chairman of the North Korea Freedom Coalition, Vice Chairman and a Founding Board Member of the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, and a Board member of Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA." [2]

She is married to Chadwick R. Gore.

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