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Sure Foundation (tax ID # 52-2334053)

"MISSION: The Sure Foundation is to meet the urgent and wholistic needs of children who have been victims of civil unrest, war or who are living in a state of poverty, suffering, turmoil or instability.

"The term "wholistic needs" refers to the welfare of the children in terms of health, material needs, emotional well-being, education and vocational training to assure the fullest possible recovery from the disaster and trauma they have experienced." [1]

"The Sure Foundation is proud to have MZM, Inc. as its first corporate sponsor!... Thank you to the employees of MZM, Inc. for your contributions to the Haiti Collection for orphans and the MZM Response Grant for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami." [2]

Directors (from 2005)

Accessed December 2008: [3]

Advisory Council (2005)

Accessed December 2008: [4]


Web: (website no longer works)

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