Structured Creativity Group Presentation

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Structured Creativity Group Presentation
This British American Tobacco (BAT) Company report appears to be a "brainstorming" document discussing key constraints, challenges, opportunities and pressures on the tobacco industry. A section entitled "Future Market Trends, Directions, Constraints and Opportunities" contains a passage that predicts the competition that cigarette makers may face in the future, and describes their intended market:

8. Competition with Cannabis, glue sniffing and possibly hard drugs--heroin and cocaine. We must find a way to appeal to the young, who want to protest so that the product image, and the product will satisfy this part of the market. The Cigar and Pipe market has an 'old' image. Cigarettes will follow as something 'My father and Grandfather did' unless we are careful.

Title: Structured Creativity Group Presentation
Author: David Creighton
Document date: 00000000 (undated)
Page count: 15
Bates number: 102690336-102690350