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"Mark Harrison of Stroud Community Agriculture says “Most of our produce goes to our farm supporters but it is great to be able to sell our biodynamic veg and meat through Stroudco too. It allows people to try out our produce on a week-by-week basis before they commit to becoming an SCA member”... Helen Brent-Smith and Dave Kaspar run Days Cottage “Our Apple Juice, Cider and Perry are made from local, unsprayed apples which means that they are better than organic because organic standards allow a limited amount of fruit spraying. " Other farmers listed are Rob Holditch of Stroud Valleys Pork; Melissa Ravenhill of Woefuldane Dairy; Greg Pilley of Stroud Brewery; plus many more. [1]



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  1. Stroudco Meet the producers, organizational web page, accessed June 4, 2013.