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"Strategic Renaissance 21 (SR21) is a non-profit research and assessment group assembled to advise and facilitate the development of a comprehensive, long term national strategy that is based on America’s core values and embraced by the American people, their government and commerce." [1]


Board of Directors [2] The Board of Directors will consist of a small group of committed individuals who are interested in the overall direction and oversight of SR21. Directors will be entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility for the organization. It is desired that the Board will reflect a broad perspective of former and current leaders in business, government, policy, politics, national security, and non-profit organizations. Members:

Advisory Council The Advisory Council will consist of political, business and policy leaders who meet annually to discuss and review SR21’s policy objectives. The Advisory Council will be comprised of members reflecting a broad background of experience and perspectives. Members:

Next Gen Council: The Next Gen Council will consist of up and coming leaders in business, academics, government, and policy who are committed to the long-term viability of the US- China relationship. Members:

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