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Stephen Pollard is a senior fellow at the Centre for the New Europe in Brussels and at Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society in London. He is a supporter of the European Union.

Stephen Pollard is a political columnist who writes for most British newspapers, and regularly in the Times, Independent, Sunday Telegraph and Wall Street Journal Europe.

From 1995-98 he was Head of Research at the Social Market Foundation and, from 1992-95, Research Director at the Fabian Society.

His biography of the former Home Secretary, David Blunkett, was published in 2004. From 1998-2000 he was a columnist and Chief Leader Writer on The Daily Express; He is co-author, with Andrew Adonis, of A Class Act: The Myth of Britain's Classless Society, and is also the author of numerous pamphlets and monographs, including The Market and Clause IV, Towards a More Cooperative Society: Ideas on the Future of the British Labour Movement and Independent Health Care, A Question of Choice: Public Priorities for Health Care, Schools, Selection and the Left, and Israel, America and the Jews of the European Union.


  • I've seen the future: it's scary and Belgian, April 24, 2004 - Pollard accuses Belgian Prime Minister of being paranoid and xenophobic: "THE PRIME MINISTER makes much of the 'scare stories' and 'myths' which opponents of further deepening of the EU supposedly propagate. They are based, apparently, on paranoia, and are products of not-so-latent xenophobia." [1]

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