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Starlight Visual Information System (VIS) is "a forerunner of an emerging new class of information system, one that couples advanced information modeling and management functionality with a visualization-oriented user interface" making "relationships that exist among the items in the system visible, enabling exciting and powerful new forms of information access, exploitation, and control. The product of over six years of information visualization research, Starlight is simultaneously a powerful information analysis tool and a platform for conducting advanced visualization research." [1]

Note: Information Visualization is the "use of computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of abstract data to amplify cognition." --S.K. Card, et. al., 1999, Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think (p7).

See Starlight FAQ for more information.

Contact Information

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNL)
P.O. Box 999
Richland, WA 99352
Telephone: 1-888-375-PNNL (7665)
Website PNL:
Website Starlight:

Note: The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is part of the Office of Science within the U.S. Department of Energy.

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