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St. Lucia Airways Ltd., a "CIA proprietary," is "famous for its role in the Iran-Contra affair." [1]

  • "... St. Lucia Airways, a frequent flier for Ollie North's Hawk missile deliveries to Iran. After a C-130 belonging to St. Lucia's former owner crashed in 1991 in Luanda, Angola, killing a congressman's nephew, things really began to unravel." [2]
  • "St. Lucia Airways, although denying it, has been conclusively tied to the Iran operations, as well as to operations in Angola and the Congo (Zaire)." [3]
  • "The CIA's air branch suggested a propreitary which did clandestine work for the agency—St. Lucia Airways. North arranged for St. lucia to provide two Boeing 707s. They were able to carry HAWK antiaircraft missile to Israel, where the HAWKS were transferred to Israeli planes fro [sic] transit to Iran." [4]


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