Smoke Without Fear

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This booklet, Smoke Without Fear, represents the kind of damaging information that appeared in the lay media in the mid-1950's, placed by the tobacco industry and its public relations firm Hill and Knowlton, shortly after the first medical reports emerged saying cigarette smoking caused cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. The author of this piece, Donald Cooley, worked with Hill and Knowlton (H&K) public relations company to produce this 48 page, low-priced paperback booklet "published by the editors of True, the Man's Magazine" designed to be sold on newsstands in 1954.

A July 31, 1954 report on activities by H&K states, "Considerable information and assistance was provided Donald G. Cooley in the preparation for his story in True magazine. This entailed conferences with the author to work on factual revisions." [1]

Cover of the 1954 booklet "Smoke Without Fear"

Date 19540000/E
Bates No. 11310873/0908
Collection Council for Tobacco Research
Pages 36