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"The Shaftesbury Partnership was founded by Nat Wei in 2006, taking as inspiration the work and legacy of the great 19th Century Social Reformer, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury... In the following two years these objectives were subsumed into Nat’s work at ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) but in 2008 the organisation was strengthened by the addition of Patrick Shine and Andrew Tanswell as additional partners and started to operate as an independent business. Our first commissions were to design and develop a rite-of-passage programme which became the National Citizen Service policy of the Conservative Party; and a programme to support social action ministries of churches in deprived areas...

"In 2010 Nat was invited to work with the Conservative Party in developing the “Big Society” policies this work was in a personal capacity and Shaftesbury Partnership is not affiliated to any political party. Following the election of the coalition he was appointed government advisor on Big Society was also made a member of the House of Lords, taking the title Lord Wei of Shoreditch. In doing so he surrendered his economic and governance interests in Shaftesbury Partnership..." [1]


Accessed March 2013: [2]



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