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Mr. Sha Zukang "has been a career diplomat of the People’s Republic of China with substantial experience in multilateral negotiations in a wide range of fields, including trade, labour, human rights, health, arms control, intellectual property, and telecommunications.

"Among his numerous achievements, Mr. Sha has served as Coordinator of the Like-Minded Group representation to the Commission on Human Rights and the Human Rights Council from 2004 to 2007, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee and Chairman of the Committee of the Whole of UNCTAD XI from 2003 to 2004, President of the 50th session of the Trade and Development Board in 2003, Chairperson of the Government group of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization from 2002 to 2003, and member of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament matters from 1994 to 1999. In addition, he has served as president, vice president, chairperson, coordinator and expert in many international conferences.

"Mr. Sha established the Department of Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and became its first Director-General.

"Mr. Sha participated, as the representative of the Chinese government, in the negotiation and review of many important international treaties on arms control and disarmament such as Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Chemical Weapons Convention, Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, and Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

"He also has made significant contributions to General Assembly and Security Council resolutions on arms control and international security, and has been a champion of international security cooperation with a view to maintaining international peace and regional stability and security.

"Mr. Sha joined the foreign service of China in 1970, and has since had postings in London, Colombo, New Delhi, New York and Geneva. Mr. Sha is a graduate of Nanjing University (1970)." [1]

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