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Sérgio Barros Leitão - "A lawyer specialized in the formulation and monitoring of legal actions in the area of collective rights. From 1990 to 1994, he worked in the Nucleus for Indigenous Rights (NDI), one of the organizations that led to the creation of the Instituto Socioambiental. One of ISA’s founders, he was its coordinator of juridical activities until December of 1999. He worked as advisor to the presidency of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) until May of 2000, when he was appointed special advisor to the Ministry of Justice, where he remained until Minister José Gregori left the post in September of 2001. From November of 2001 to January of 2002 he was an advisor to the Ministry of the Environment’s Council for the Access to the Genetic Heritage. For two years he was a voluntary collaborator of the U.S.’s Rainforest Foundation. He was ISA’s Executive Director from January, 2004, to May, 2005." [1]

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