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Santa Rita SuperPAC is a Super PAC that was formed January 4, 2012 as a Texas non-profit corporation[1] by Dallas real estate mogul Donald Huffines [2] which lists itself as unauthorized and non-party with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), but has given its money as a proponent of the candidacy of Texas congressman

This Santa Rita provides a gusher of cash for Ron Paul for President in the Republican primaries of 2012, named after the miracle oil well drilled on land belonging to the University of Texas in 1923, Santa Rita no. 1, that funded the University of Texas and Texas A&M systems.

The Super PAC was launched with the focus of saturating South Carolina with pro-Paul television advertising, and has produced and aired several commericals and web-based mini documentaries[3] They claim that other targeted states will include Nevada, Alaska, Maine, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota, provided Dr. Paul makes it through the process that far.

Their website defines their goal:

"The goal of the Santa Rita SuperPAC is to assist Ron Paul in winning enough delegates to prevent any other Republican candidate from having a majority. In a convention floor fight, we believe that Congressman Ron Paul will be nominated as the next Republican candidate for the President of the United States."


  • Santa Rita took out television ads priced at $317,541.95 as of 1/11/12 [4]


Santa Rita SuperPAC 8200 DOUGLAS AVENUE SUITE 300 DALLAS, TX 75225

FEC Registration No. C00508721