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STARBASE-ATLANTIS is a U.S. Navy "program serving local community youth by offering students an opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences designed to increase interest in and knowledge of math, science and technology. These activities also help students to develop positive self-esteem, focus on setting and achieving personal goals, and develop a drug free life-style. The hands-on approach and participatory learning experiences provide a strong motivation to learn. Teamwork is emphasized throughout the curriculum, teaching students to work effectively with others.

"STARBASE-ATLANTIS was established at NAS Pensacola and NAS Whiting Field in Northwest Florida in the fall of 1994, and at Fleet Training Center Norfolk, Virginia in the spring of 1995. The program opened for San Diego area schools in December 1998. In May of 2001 the program began operations at Trident Training Facility in Bangor, Washington and in September 2001 at Naval Construction Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi. Program expansion continues in 2002 to include classrooms at Navy facilities located at Washington Navy Yard, D. C., and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Continuing expansion, classrooms were opened at the Naval Air Station, Meridian and the Choctaw Reservation in October 2002. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center began operations in November 2002. In 2003, classrooms are scheduled to open at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes and at Naval Station, Newport.

"Fifth grade students from selected schools attend classes at the Navy facility one day a week over a five-week period. Participating teachers from each class are provided supplementary materials designed to sustain student excitement between STARBASE-ATLANTIS visits. Year round and summer programs are also offered for teachers and students. Over 25,000 students have already attended Starbase-Atlantis programs.

"The STARBASE-ATLANTIS curriculum includes astronomy, model rocketry, and the physics of flight. Classrooms are located at a variety of installations and each site uses available Navy resources to enhance program operations. In areas where surface ships or submarines are concentrated, participating students are exposed to skills related to ship operation and navigation. Aircraft flight and related concepts are the focus in classrooms on Naval bases with aviation concentrated missions. One academy operates aboard a Navy Construction Training Base. Students visiting this classroom are exposed to a broad range of construction trades, including engineering of buildings, bridges and other related concepts. At many of the STARBASE-ATLANTIS locations students have an opportunity to operate actual simulators or computer simulation programs to enhance their learning experiences.

"Complete lesson plans corresponding to state math and science requirements have been developed for all activities. Evaluation of program impact is based upon pretest and post test score comparisons and questionnaires returned from students, teachers, parents, and participating Navy personnel." Source: Naval Education Training Professional Development Technology Center website.