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Ruth Kava "is Director of Nutrition at the American Council on Science and Health" (ACSH) and is a frequent contributor to Tech Central Station

Following the screening of Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me, in which he added 25 pounds in a 30-day McDonalds only diet, PR Week reported McDonalds stating that ACSH would speak out against the film.

In a column contributed to Tech Central Station, Kava dismissed the suggestion that fast-food, McDonald's or fatty foods were solely to blame. "But the problem is bigger than just one type of food. In fact, any calorically-dense foods, eaten to excess, can add inches to one's girth, especially if unaccompanied by calorie-burning exercise; that should be the real message -- not that cheeseburgers and fries, (or carbohydrate or fat ) automatically make one fat!," she wrote. [1]

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