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Rothschild North America, Inc. is a subsidiary of the international Rothschild banking empire. A July 8, 2003 Rothschild press release announcing the reorganization of the Rothschild banking empire includes an organizational chart showing Rothschild Inc., N M Rothschild & Sons (Washington), and NM Rothschild & Sons Canada Limited under the auspices of Rothschild North America.

The announced reorganization of the banking empire consolidated "Rothschild's English and French operations ...into a new holding company, Concordia B.V., with each group a co-owner. Concordia will own a controlling interest in Rothschilds Continuation Holdings of Switzerland, where Baron David de Rothschild will serve as chairman. Rothschilds Continuation will acquire all the shares of the American and Canadian Rothschild banks," which includes Rothschild North America, Inc.


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