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Ross Reid is a director of IMPACS.

"Ross Ried was a Member of Parliament, served as a Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and has recently worked with a democracy-building agency in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Currently, he is the Deputy Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador." He is a director of Vote Out Loud. [1]

Ross was part of an NDI assessment team sent to Iraq in 2003[2].

An 2002, NDI report notes that "Ross Reid has enlarged an already considerable reputation for being the political organizer of first resort, going into Afghanistan on behalf of the National Democratic Institute to talk up political parties before the shooting has stopped – as he did previously in Kosovo. He was not only a gracious host, but an astute briefer on political developments that he has quickly mastered. And the fact that his modest conference center has already become the place for would-be politicians to visit at all hours, by appointment and otherwise, confirms that Ross has established bonds of trust and authority." [3]