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Rocky Anderson is the former Democrat mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the presidential candidate for the Justice Party.

Justice Party

"On Tuesday, April 10, Ralph Nader announced his support for the presidential candidacy of Rocky Anderson, former Democrat, former mayor of Salt Lake City, and standard bearer of the fledgling Justice Party. On that day Nader spoke at a press conference alongside Anderson in Portland, Oregon, where Anderson had just gained ballot status by receiving the nod from that state’s Progressive Party.

"Although Nader claims that his backing falls short of a formal endorsement, the Anderson campaign isn’t echoing that semantic hair splitting. After the joint appearance, Rocky Anderson’s Facebook page was updated as follows: “At a press conference in Portland, Oregon today, Ralph Nader officially endorsed Rocky Anderson! It’s been a great day so far, now with everyone’s help let’s raise 10k in just 1 day! We can do it!"...

"...Just last month he announced that he would be seeking the nomination of Americans Elect, a proto-political party that is funded predominantly by hedge funds and is seeking to place a third-party “centrist” candidate on the ballot in all fifty states. As Harold Myerson wrote of this secretive group in the Washington Post: “We do know that its website has a ‘leadership’ list of roughly 100 people, and that of the 90 or so who aren’t the organization’s staffers or consultants, 20 are heads or leading executives of hedge funds, private equity firms and major banks..." [1]


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