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"In 1976, educator and cultural critic Dr. John Howard founded The Rockford Institute. Alarmed by the preceding decade’s social revolution, Dr. Howard understood that the afflictions America faced would not be cured by politicians. The great political battles of our time grow out of cultural conflicts that do not admit of easy resolution, and even the most brilliant legislative solutions will fail if they are not supported by sound cultural institutions that form the character of the next generation. Dr. Howard also saw that too much was at stake to invest hope in those for whom expedience often takes precedence over truth. For 200 years, the American republic had tended the flame of Western Civilization in the New World, but would America remain part of the West?...

"In 1997, Dr. Thomas Fleming, who also serves as the editor of Chronicles, was named president of the Institute. Under Dr. Fleming, the Institute pursues a wide range of activities directed toward the common purpose of reforming American culture. In addition to Chronicles, the Institute publishes books, operates a website (, and sends speakers to a variety of fora ranging from college campuses to civic, social, and religious groups. The Institute stages regular conferences in its hometown, as well as throughout the United States and abroad. It provides editorials and essays for newspapers, magazines, books, and other outside publications. Its staff make regular appearances on television and radio.

"Under Dr. Fleming, the Institute founded the Center for the Restoration of Humane Learning in 2004. It developed out of the Institute’s long-term work in promoting the classical curriculum of the West and its growing interest in developing practical alternatives to America’s dying educational institutions, both for adults seeking the college education they never had (whether they went to college or not), and for today’s young students who have no access to the curriculum that produced the Founders of the American republic and formed the American people." [1]


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  • Mary Kohler, chairman—Vice President of Windway Capital Corporation, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • Raymond J. Welder III, vice chairman—President of Welder Exploration and Production Inc., San Antonio, Texas
  • Mark Atkins, director—Cottage Grove, Tennessee
  • Thomas Fleming, director—President of The Rockford Institute and Editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture
  • Dean Olson, director—Chairman of the board, Rockford Acromatic Products, Rockford, Illinois
  • Peter Stanlis, director—Professor Emeritus, Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois



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