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Biographical Information

"Robin James: based in the Isle of Man was CEO of banking and financial services group, Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Holdings Ltd until he retired in June 2005. He is a non-executive Director of a diverse number of companies including four listed companies. He spent nine years with Kleinwort Benson Ltd in the UK and South Africa." [1]

Corporate Affiliations

"Mr. Robin James served as Portfolio Manager of African Finance Corporation Limited for 7 years. Mr. James also served as a Portfolio Manager of Kleinwort Benson in the UK and South Africa for 9 years. He has over 37 years of investment experience including Investment Analyst positions at Prudential Assurance Company, Ferguson Bros, Hall Stewart & Co and Union Acceptances Ltd. From August 1994, Mr. James served as Chief Executive Officer of Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man) Holdings Ltd. until June 2005, whereupon he became self-employed and as licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission as a Category 2 Corporate Service Provider and Category 2 Trust Provider. Mr. James served as also a Consultant of Boston Limited, from July 2005 to June 2006. He served as Non Executive Chairman of Metro Baltic Horizons Plc from May 5, 2007 to December 2, 2010. He has been Non Executive Director of TBI Limited since February 2010. He has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of Trans Balkan Investments Limited (a/k/a Equest Investments Balkans Limited) since May 1, 2007. Mr. James also serves as Director of Southern African Regional Development Limited; Willowbank Limited; Metronome Limited; Advance Adhesives Limited; Ontermo Limited; Barbute Limited; Falcata Limited; Meigle Limited; Tinto Limited; Buckholm Limited; Padbury Limited; Apsley Holdings Limited; Kcristal Limited; Caprin Limited; RMB Holdings Limited; Marriott International Funds PLC; Aarkad PLC; Firanji Limited; White Stork Limited; Blue Bird 1938 Limited; Odlum Enterprises Limited; Maguire Europe Sales Limited; Armet Limited; Croycam Limited; Fairydean Limited; Burlingame Limited; The SFIM UK Technology Fund; Merebeck Limited; Arnewood Properties Limited; Marriott Isle of Man Limited ; Sphere Limited; Lhuingys Aer Vannin Ltd; East Balkan Properties PLC ; Heather Capital Ltd and Inverthorn Secured Funding PLC. He has been Non Executive Director of Metro Baltic Horizons PLC since October 12, 2010. Mr. James served as Director of Sorenson Promotions Limited; Desert Palm Limited; Frankus Investments Limited; Najay Limited; Huntsman Limited; Cranshaw Limited; Cardoness Limited; Markland Birmingham Limited; Kroy Limited; Condra Limited; Orianda Limited; Ollaberry Limited; Dalfam Limited; Minstead Limited; Lomas Limited; Bourmerdes Limited; Nordic Limited; Equifax (Isle of Man) Limited; Outwell Limited; Castle House Developments Limited; Markland (Euriom) Limited; Holmeleigh Limited; Glemham Investments Limited; Trioncemore Limited; Ortega Limited; Pmoel Ventures Limited; Stranton Limited; Castlehurst Limited; Hilmarton Investments Limited; Granuaile Shipping Limited; Flamewing Limited; Clyde Limited; Calfar (48) Limited; Westville Limited; Raptor Wildlife Communications Limited; Granuaile; Investments Limited; Seal N Fly imited; Abbeywood Properties Limited; Blue Water Trading Limited; Castle Park Limited; Chesterhill Limited; Cradley Limited; Fairmead Limited; Leiden Limited; Minervax Limited; Ruby Management Limited; Appledale Limited; Singer & Friedlander Investment Management (IOM) Limited; Tullock Limited; S&F Nominees (Isle of Man) Limited; Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Limited; Riverside Education Support Services Limited; Markhall Limited; KPMG CEE Management Services Limited; Kilsture Limited; Jeroen Limited; Calfar (20) Limited; Calfar (16) Limited; Calfar (14) Limited; Calfar(12) Limited; Calfar (34) Limited; Calfar (32) Limited; Calfar (28) Limited; Calfar (26) Limited; Calfar (24)Limited; Calfar (22) Limited; Chestnut Hill Properties Limited; Broomfield Limited; Farthing Limited; Rosewood Limited; Court Management Limited; Burntech Limited; Kothar Limited; White Rose Limited; Duke Associates Limited; Colby Limited; Lynwhite Limited; Inter Forest Resources Limited; Lochside Limited; Delifoods Limited; Pmoel Investments Limited; Teaching Services Overseas Limited; Cranleigh Limited; Wynnstay Investments Limited; Inchmere Limited; Hartside Limited; Thriplow Limited; Forthright Limited; Portocosta Limited; Paragon Limited; Vickery Limited; Insight Market Development Consultants Limited; Greenfield Enterprises Limited; Daveldon Limited; Carlaway Limited; Chemical Industries Limited; Calfar (47) Limited; Redwood Investments Limited; Parima Limited; K & J Ventures Limited; Taralee Properties Limited; Beachfield Enterprises Limited; Calfar (37) Limited; Calfar (4) Limited; Cornsay Limited; Fletcher Limited; Ilam Limited; Leith Investments Limited; Rolata Limited; Tapestry Investments Limited; Peardale Limited; Singer & Friedlander Trust Company (Isle of Man) Limited; SFIM International Limited; Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Holdings Ltd; Quiros Limited; Monteforte Limited; Maddox Limited; Kirvennie Limited; FSP Limited; Equipment Leasing and Maintenance Limited; Calfar (17) Limited; Calfar (15) Limited; Calfar (13) Limited; Calfar (35) Limited; Calfar (33) Limited; Calfar (29) Limited; Calfar (27) Limited; Calfar (25) Limited; Calfar (23) Limited; Calfar (21) Limited; Halley Investments Limited; Calchas Limited; Pendean Limited; Calfar (38) Limited; Court Services Limited; Phoenix Seafood Co. Limited; E.D.M.I. Limited; Sasol Financing International plc; Endurance Limited; Ebony Enterprises Limited; Centuriongold Limited; Garvellan Limited; Starair Limited; Inanna Limited; Renfield Properties Limited; TCI Arizona Limited; Walvis Limited; Fsharpb2b Limited; Oxenforth Limited; Praze Limited; Calfar (8) Limited; Calfar (3) Limited; Calfar (9) Limited; Zesta Limited; Wiklund Limited; Endicot Limited; Hezlett Limited; Withypool Limited; Drygrange Limited; Erriff Limited; Calfar (18) Limited; Tilsley Limited; Northanger Limited; Orpine Investments Limited; Dinnans Limited; Calfar (10) Limited; Ocerb Limited; Hascourt Limited; Sirol Limited; Sapphire Leasing Limited; Moonbeam Management Limited; Jameson Shipping Limited; Silver Bridge Limited; Magoeba Limited; AG-Con Consulting Limited; A&T Limited; Golden Dawn Limited; Sunburst Management Limited; Rowsley Management Limited; Oriana Services Limited; Davien Enterprises Limited; BST Properties Limited; MMD Consulting Limited; Tillingbourne Limited; Bucoros Enterprises Limited; Grangefield Services Limited; Padmore Limited; Vestar Limited; Carmargue Limited; TTSI & Company Limited; Hagen Limited; Singer & Friedlander (Overseas) Limited; Marriott Singer Investment Funds PLC; KBI Co Limited; BD2U Consulting Limited; Netherdale Limited; Devenish Limited; Arnhem Limited; Shelloo Nominees Limited; Fairholme Limited; Calfar (45) Limited; Calfar (5) Limited; Bonomi Limited; Ocean Air (Overseas) Limited; Takano Limited; Eulalia Limited; Lhargan Limited; Lindhoven Limited; Craycroft Limited; R L Estates Limited; Calfar (19) Limited; Stanlake Limited; Conaty Limited; Calfar (31) Limited; Calfar (30) Limited; Calfar (11) Limited; MO Investments Limited; Isenbras Limited; Banalfin Limited; Calem Management Limited; Millennia InterFood Business Limited; Healthcare Limi" [2]

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