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According to an undated press release: "The Waldorf School of Lexington announced today that the School has hired Robert Schiappacasse as its School Director, starting this May...

"Schiappacasse most recently served as School Director at Greenwood School, a pre-k through 8th grade school in Mill Valley, California. For two years, he was the President of Sunbridge College, a center for Waldorf teacher education and professional development.

"Before that, he worked for 13 years as Administrative Director of the Shining Mountain Waldorf School, a pre-k to 12th grade school with 320 students in Boulder, Colorado...

"Schiappacasse is a leader in the Waldorf educational movement. He was Shining Mountain’s delegate to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (A.W.S.N.A.) for ten years, while serving as the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator in the Development and Administrative Network of AWSNA (D.A.N.A.). He represented Shining Mountain in the Association of Colorado Independent Schools’ circle of headmasters from 2001-06. For ten years, he was a core adjunct faculty member in the Sunbridge College Waldorf Administration and Community Development Program, and taught for four years in Rudolf Steiner College’s Waldorf Administration Program. He has keynoted at several Healthy Waldorf Schools Conferences and presented at many Waldorf Association conferences and workshops throughout his career." [1]

When he published Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner with David Tresemer in 2007 his biography noted: "Robert Schiappacasse is President of Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge, New York, and former administrative director and a member of the board of trustees at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado. He teaches in the Waldorf School Administration and Community Development Program at Sunbridge College and at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. Robert consults with Waldorf schools nationally on administration, organization, and governance. He became a member of the Anthroposophical Society in 1979 and joined the first class of the School of Spiritual Science in 1993. In 1977, Schiappacasse became a student of Willie Sucher, a pioneer of an anthroposophically based star wisdom, or astrosophy. He has participated in many conferences and workshops on the subject and lectures on a variety of anthroposophic topics, including festivals, cosmic Christianity, and humanity's relationship to the world of the stars. He is coauthor with David Tresemer and William Bento of the book Signs in the Heavens, and with David Tresemer of an article, "The Chain Reaction Experiment."" [1]

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