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Rob Glaser "is the founder and chief executive officer of RealNetworks, an Internet software company focusing on developing and marketing software products and services designed to enable users of personal computers and other consumer electronic devices to send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services using the Web. Since its inception in 1994, RealNetworks has had a tremendous impact on the industry through the delivery of streaming real-time multimedia.

"Prior to founding RealNetworks, Mr. Glaser served as Vice President, Multimedia and Consumer Systems at Microsoft Corporation. In his eleven years at Microsoft, he was responsible for formulating the company's entry into multimedia technology and the consumer digital appliance market. Mr. Glaser developed and brought to market successful pioneering products in the areas of multimedia, computer networking and desktop applications.

"Mr. Glaser is also a part owner in the Seattle Mariners baseball team, the founding chairman of the U.S. Library of Congress Atrium Group, and a board member of the following organizations: Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Washington Public Affairs Network, the Foundation for National Progress, the Target Margin Theater Company of New York, and Dwight Hall, the umbrella organization for Yale University student community service.

"Mr. Glaser received a BA and an MA in Economics and a BS in Computer Science, all in 1983 from Yale University." [1]

Pouring Money into a Trump/Russia Campaign

  • In 2017 Glaser began funding efforts in the media to tie President Donald Trump to Russia. He donated half a million dollars to Mother Jones magazine for this purpose. [2]

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