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Robert Champion de Crespigny was formerly a major business figure in Australia but has more recently relocated to the Eglish town of Burford, near Oxford. [1]

De Crespigny was Executive Chairman of Normandy Mining Limited, which he founded in 1985, until it was taken over by Newmont Mining in 2002.

Prior to 1985 he spent years practising as a chartered accountant, specialising in corporate finance and taxation advice for the resources industry. He is a member of the Foundation Council for the Australian Davos Connection and a board member of the neoliberal think tank the Centre for Independent Studies.

De Crespigny is Chairman of the South Australian Museum, a member of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, the Business Council of Australia and the Executive Committee of the Minerals Council of Australia. [2] Current chairman of Primelife Lts and Buka Minerals.

He is Chairman of market research firm Crosby Textor and Investor Relations firm CT Financial, both of which were founded by Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor.

He is also a 40% owner of Australian Nuclear Energy, a company set up with Ron Walker and Hugh Morgan in 2006, apparently to establish a nuclear power plant in Australia.

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