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  • The Orion Mystery (with Adrian Gilbert) (1994)
  • Keeper Of Genesis (with Graham Hancock) (1995)
  • The Message of the Sphinx (with Graham Hancock) (May 1997)
  • Secret Chamber (1999)
  • Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith (with Graham Hancock) (2004)
  • The Egypt Code (Oct 2006)
  • Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt (with Thomas Brophy) (April 2011)
  • The Master Game: Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World (Sept 2011)
  • Breaking The Mirror Of Heaven: The Conspiracy To Suppress The Voice Of Ancient Egypt (with Ahmed Osman) (July 2012)
  • The Vatican Heresy: Bernini and the Building of the Hermetic Temple of the Sun (with Chiara Hohenzollern and Sandro Zicari) (March 2014)

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