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This is a letter from an advertising company to the Vice President of Lorillard that appears to express great pride in children aspiring to smoke like their parents. The boy in the photo appears to be Larry Matthews, who was cast in the role of Ritchie Petrie, son of Rob and Laura Petrie in the 1960s television situation comedy, The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Attached to the letter is a photo of a child accepting a cigarette from what appears to be his smiling mother, who is extending him the entire pack. Dad looks on proudly. The letter writer says,

Dear Manny: There's nothing like starting them out young! 'Ritchie' is a wonderful little guy and while he doesn't smoke, he tells me he talks up Newports all the time. Sincerely, Nicholas E. Keelsey Senior Vice President

Organizational Author: Lennen Newell
Per. Author: N.E. Keesley
Date: 19631108 (November 8, 1963)
Type: Letter, Photograph
Bates No. 84409798/9799
Collection: Lorillard
Pages: 2
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/iim99d00