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The Ripon Society was formed in 1964 by "a loosely knit association of young business, academic and professional women and men" "to revive the Grand Old Party's commitment to inclusion and reform." The Society takes "its name from Ripon, Wisconsin, the birthplace of the Republican Party." [1]

The Ripon Society describes itself as "a Republican public policy advocacy organization representing all Americans through moderate, progressive policy formation that uphold traditional common sense Republican principles of: (as stated) [2]

  • Limited but effective government;
  • A free enterprise based economy;
  • A strong, well-maintained, national defense;
  • A more equitable tax system
  • Social tolerance;
  • Conservation of natural resources.

Ripon Honorary Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board as of July 12, 2006, are: [3]




See staff profiles.

  • George McNeill, Chief Administrative Officer
  • J. Robin Kessler, Corporate Finance Director
  • DeAnna Lyons, Office Administrator
  • Molly J. Milliken, Project Coordinator
  • Austen C. Bannan, Special Assistant
  • Lee Terrett, Director of Human Resources
  • Stephanie Crosslin, Project Assistant


According to 2006 IRS filings:

Contact Information

The Ripon Society
1300 L Street NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202 216-1008
Email: info AT

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