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Rimbunan Hijua (RH) is claimed to be the largest single tropical timber mechant globally [1].


Established in 1976 as a Malaysian timber contractor by Tiong Hiew King, Rimbunan Hijau Group now has an estimated annual turnover exceeding USD 1 billion. It has operations in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Gabon, Russia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea & British Guyana.


Manufacturing of Timber Products, Manufacturing Optical Fibre, Media newspapers & magazines), Oil Palm, Travel, Aquaculture, IT, Real Estate & Property Developement, Banking, Insurance Services & Mining & Mineral Prospecting. [2]

Conflicting Opinions

Tiong himself claims that RH globally is revered and that "Other than pursuing material wealth, an entrepreneur should also help promote the progress of society and win the respect of society. A Government logging Review Team concluded in one concession that Wawoi Guavi Timber Company’s "treatment towards citizen employees in many aspects of their employment reflects labour exploitation and slavery, and should be condemned at all levels."

In PNG, RH claims that they have "drafted a set of strict management rules pertaining to logging, requiring the re afforestation of deforested lands in a bid to restore the ecological equilibrium." US-based forestry organisation Forest Trends analysis, based partly on its research including the PNG Governments own Review Team findings, concluded industrial logging:

  • "does not deliver long term benefits to landowners"
  • "generates local incomes that are too small to impact on living standards"
  • "Is not underpinned by permits or licenses that comply with legal requirements, and is not effectively monitored and there is no control of field activities"
  • "Is not part of a sustainable management regime for forest resources"
  • "Unclear financial returns for companies"

Political Support

Far from supporting rural communities in listening to and resolving their problems with logging companies, the Micheal Somare Government has:

  • under-resourced the PNG Forest Authority and Deptartment of Environment and conservation
  • allowed police to act as logging company security
  • ignored international criticism of logging operations
  • perpetuated endemic corruption

The Somare family has long established dealings in the forestry sector. The Somare family company, SAB, has business interests in several logging concessions. The Forest Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, still claims the forest sector is "in full compliance with PNG laws and regulations".

"The overwhelming conclusion is that the robber barons are now as active as they ever were. They are not only free to roam, but in fact are encouraged to do so by persons whose proper role is to exercise control over them and unravel the web of deceit." [Forestry and Conservation Project Review Team, Report on Confidential Matters to the Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister, July 2003]

Corporate Spin

RH hasn't a track record of quality corporate spin, instead normally relying on bully-boy tactics. Recently however they have engaged a previously unknown company Forestry and Development, a spin-off of the Australian consultancy ITS Global. In their debut report 'Whatever It Takes', ITS Global came to the conclusion that "without a doubt the industry in PNG is not operating illegally".

Use of SLAPP's

RH is not adverse to throwing its billions behind silencing those that speak out against it. Several cases are before the courts in PNG in an effort to suppress dissenting thought on RH's practices.

RH companies


  • Comserv PNG
  • Wawoi Guavi Timber Company
  • The National, "[3]]
  • RH Hypermarket, Supermarket

In Malaysia

  • Subur Tiasa, timber
  • Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad, newspaper
  • Jaya Tiasa, timber
  • Guang Ming newspaper, Malaysia
  • TTS & Sons, Prawn Aquaculture
  • Petanak Adhesives, Resin Manufacturing
  • Optical Communications Engineering, fiber optics
  • Nanyang Siang Pau, Publishing
  • GuangMing Daily, Newspaper
  • RH Hotel

In Hong Kong

  • Ming Pao Group, newpaper

In China

  • Yazhou Zhoukan newspaper, China
  • Ming Pao Holdings, Publishing

In New Zealand

  • The Neil Group, Property
  • New Zealand King Salmon Co Ltd
  • Click Clack Ltd, plasticware

In Australia

  • Click Clack Ltd, plasticware

In the UK

  • Click Clack Europe Ltd, plasticware

In the US

  • CCUS Inc., plasticware
  • Charming Holidays USA, Travel Agency

Companies alleged to be owned by RH

  • Kina Securities, PNG

Contact Details

No 66-78 Pusat Suria Permata, Upper Lanang Road
96000 Sibu
Tel: +60 84 2161 55
Fax: +60 84 2152 17
E-mail: smting AT rhg.po.my