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Biographical Information

"Mr. Richard Steven Williams serves as the Chief Operating Officer of CPC Group Ltd. Mr. Williams serves as a Director of Arlington Penthouse Limited; Kings Fern Limited; Becclebrook Limited; La Masse Limited; Bobstay Developments Limited; Loris Investments Limited; BV1 Limited; Lowndes Square Limited (In voluntary strike off); BV2 Limited; Park View Limited; Candyscape II Limited; PC Holdings Limited; Candyscape Limited; Project Book (Guernsey) Limited; CC1 Group Limited; Project Grande (Guernsey) Holdings Limited; CCG Limited; Project Grande (Guernsey) Limited; CPC Aviation Services Limited; Project Grande (Guernsey) Nominee 1 Limited; CPC Grande & Lateral GP Limited; Project Grande (Guernsey) Nominee 2 Limited; CPC Group Limited; Project Grande HL Limited; CPC JV (Grande Guernsey) Limited; Project Grande RL Limited; CPC No. 11 Limited (In voluntary strike off); Project Los Angeles (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 12 Limited; Project Los Angeles (Guernsey) Holdings Limited; CPC No. 13 Limited; Project Lotus LLC; CPC No. 16 Limited; RG Holdings Limited; CPC No. 19 Limited; Rosebank Limited; CPC No. 20 Limited (in voluntary strike off); Roseport Limited; CPC No. 3 Limited; Roseview Limited; CPC No. 9 Limited; Shelfco 723 Limited; CPC Omni Holdings (Guernsey) Limited; Shelfco 724 Limited; Freedom Limited; Shelfco 873 Limited; Ian Williams (Holdings) Limited; Solomon Capital Limited; Innoc Limited and Stag Holdings Limited. He serves as a Director of The Knightsbridge Limited; Project Lateral Limited; LP1 Limited; Project Red (Guernsey) Group Limited; LP2 Limited; Project Red (Guernsey) Holdings Limited; Port View Limited; Project Red (Guernsey) Limited; Project Abbey (Guernsey) Developments Limited; Roseglen Limited; Project Abbey (Guernsey) Holdings Limited; Shelfco 725 Limited; Project Abbey (Guernsey) Limited; West point Securities Limited; Project Blue (Guernsey) Holdings Ltd; Banklawn Limited and Project Blue (Guernsey) Limited. He also serves as a Director of The Knightsbridge Limited; Cromwell House (Luxembourg) Holdings SA; The Knightsbridge Limited; Kami Development Group Inc.; The Knightsbridge Limited; More Freedom Limited; The Knightsbridge Limited; One Beverly Hills Limited; The Knightsbridge Limited; P.Square 1 Limited; Cambulo Kensington Palace Dev Ltd.; P.Square 2 Limited; Cambulo Kensington Park Ltd.; Project 5 Seasons (Guernsey) Limited; Cambulo Property Holdings Limited; Project Bishop (Guernsey) Limited; Cambulo Property Developments Limited; Project Grande (Guernsey) Mezzanine Ltd.; Candyscape III Limited; Project Kate (Guernsey) Limited; CPC Aviation Ltd.; Project Miller (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 14 Limited; Project Nutmeg (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 15 Limited; Project Peggy (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 4 Limited; Project Poplar (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 5 Limited; Project Rum (Guernsey) Limited; CPC No. 6 Limited; Rosegrove Limited; CPC No. 7 Limited; Shamrock Bay Holdings Limited; CPC No. 8 Limited and Shelfco 721 Limited. He served as a Non-Executive Director of Metals Exploration Plc from April 4, 2011 to August 2012."[1]   


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