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Richard S. Salant "started in television in 1952, as vice president and general executive of CBS. The Harvard educated lawyer worked in government and private practice for 12 years before switching industries. His corporate experience was matched by his lifetime commitment to such significant issues as freedom of the press, ethics in news production, and the relationship of government, corporate broadcast management, and news production. His longevity in the industry stemmed from such intangible qualities as skillful conflict resolutions that minimizes public debate, the ability to isolate issues among complex events, and verbal clarity in articulating his position.

"After a decade as vice president for CBS, with no experience or training as a journalist, Salant became president of the CBS news division in 1961. His appointment was greeted with reservation. He moved to corporate management in 1964, as vice president for corporate affairs and special assistant to the president of CBS, then returned to again head the news division from 1966 to 1979." [1]

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