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Richard A. Carleton was on the expert panel that published the Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults in 1998, a report was controversial because it re-classified many "normal weight" Americans as "overweight."


"Dr. Carleton, Professor of Medicine, Brown University School of Medicine, has been involved in education and research in cardiovascular diseases for more than thirty years. His excellence as an educator is attested by prior Honors received from the University of Illinois, San Diego, Dartmouth, and Brown. In 1989 he received the Governor's Award for Science and Technology from the State of Rhode Island. In 1992, he received the "Best Teacher" award from our fellows in recognition of his expertise. Dr. Carleton, in 1993, received the Gold Heart Award from the American Heart Association at its annual meeting in Kansas City.
"Dr. Carleton's research in earlier years involved extensive studies in hemodynamics of valvular and congenital heart disease. In more recent years, the dominant theme of his research has involved a multidisciplinary team of investigators in epidemiologic and behavioral change research necessary for Preventive Cardiology. He serves as a Principal Investigator of a federally funded research grant known as the Pawtucket Heart Health Program. This program has sought to test the hypothesis that risk factor change is feasible in an entire population through a process of community activation and community education. This research involves many ancillary projects in which fellows are welcome to participate. Many extensive data bases are available for these analyses.
"Related research activity includes efforts to bring health promoting nutrition and cholesterol change into places of employment using a diversity of strategies. Other research interests involve cardiac rehabilitation, human exercise physiology, and clinical pharmacology of patients with ischemic heart disease.
"Dr. Carleton and his colleagues were successful applicants to be one of the Vanguard Clinical Centers of the federally funded Women's Health Initiative. This clinical trial and observational study of 163,000 women nationally will, upon its completion, set the tone for preventive medicine in women's illnesses for decades to come."[1]

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