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Renewing One Nation (R1N), according to the organization's web site, "is a social policy network within [Britain's] Conservative Party ... [which] aims to find ways of addressing the growing insecurity that characterises British life." [1]


Staff and Advisors

R1N states that it "believes that there has been an over-reliance by policy-makers on state action and market mechanisms to the detriment of the institutions and values of 'the neighbourly society' ... [and] is exploring six key policy areas: [2]

  • Community-based crime prevention.
  • Empowerment of local people in the task of urban regeneration.
  • Support for fathers and families.
  • Character education to help young people make informed choices about risk behaviours.
  • Faith-inspired social action - respecting the unique contributions of religious groups to the well-being of local communities.
  • Active citizenship - empowering individuals and voluntary and community groups to make a bigger difference to their neighbourhoods.

According to R1N's web site, the organization "operates within Conservative Central Office. It supports the commitment of Michael Howard and other Conservative frontbenchers to finding solutions to persistent forms of social disadvantage. Disadvantages that have persisted despite today's wealth and levels of welfare expenditure. R1N pursues its goals through relationship-based policy development.

"R1N organises the One Nation Hearings for David Willetts and other members of the shadow cabinet. These Hearings expose the party leadership to the nature of poverty and vulnerability in 21st century Britain and to the people and projects that are attempting to overcome social exclusion." [3]

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