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The Regional Infrastructure Fund has been established by the Gillard Labor government to fund regional infrastructure projects.

Under the terms of the federal government's Minerals Resource Rent Tax - which applies to iron ore, coal and on-shore oil and gas projects - the Prime Minister and Federal Treasurer have promised to use part of the proceeds for "new and better infrastructure".[1] It is planned that the Regional Infrastructure Fund will have funding of $6 billion over 2010-11 to 2020-21. The government describes the fund as "a major new initiative that will provide an ongoing funding stream for economic infrastructure".[2]

The fund's three aims are to:[3]

  • "Promote development and job creation in mining communities, and in communities which support the mining sector;"
  • " Provide a clear benefit to Australia's economic development, and to investment in Australia's resource or export capacity;" and
  • "Address potential capacity constraints arising from export production and resource projects."

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