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Created a life Peer in 1993, Baron Ralf Dahrendorf of Clare Market in the City of Westminster is also the warden of St Anthony's College, Oxford since 1987. Born in Hamburg in 1921 Dahrendorf was active with his father in post-war Berlin assisting the Foreign Office to persuade the Social Democrat Party in the city to stand out against the forcible amalgamation of the Communist and the Social Democrat Party.

"...one of the leaders of that was Walter Dahrendorf who was the father of Lord Dahrendorf today, and he was so much hated by the Russians that he had to come and seek refuge in the Western sectors for fear of being kidnapped. And I arranged for him and Ralph Dahrendorf to be flown out of Berlin, down to the British zone, where I met them and saw that they went to Hamburg, which was, after all, his old home town."[1]


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