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RANamuck is a website hosted by the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (CDFE) on the Rainforest Action Network.

There is no mention on the site whether the site has been funded by any company or foundation. Ron Arnold, the Executive Director of the CDFE, has previously worked as a PR consultant for the logging industry.

While the site promises much it delivers little. "What's behind their mask of good intentions? Find their ties to other radical groups, see their anti-capitalist ideology, and discover their lawless and dangerous activities," it states.[1].

However, the site reveals little that is not readily publicly available elsewhere. "Anti-capitalist ideology"? RAN Executive Director has challenged the sustainability of current consumption. "Lawless and dangerous activities"? Peaceful civil disobedience protests.

The site appears to be another project started and then abandoned by CDFE. The last entry in the news section for RANamuck is September 2002.