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Protonex Technology Corp.

"The U.S. military has selected Protonex for many funded programs to help speed development of its lightweight, high-performance portable power systems. Protonex is in the process of expanding its product offerings to target a wide spectrum of industrial, commercial, and government applications. These products will leverage technologies developed under military programs and OEM customers will benefit from Protonex' military success because they will obtain leading edge, affordable, highly durable products that are engineered to meet stringent U.S. military standards." [1]

Corporate Partners

"Protonex structures strong, mutually beneficial relationships with a select group of companies where our fuel cell systems add significant value to their end products. Companies that partner with Protonex benefit from product differentiation and enhanced performance, both of which provide the opportunity to increase market share.

"Protonex and Parker Hannifin Corporation signed a strategic partnership agreement in October, 2004, to jointly develop, manufacture, and market Protonex' fuel cell products for military and commercial customers. The partnership leverages Protonex' patent-pending innovations and Parker's worldwide manufacturing capability, fuel cell balance-of-plant components, and integrated subsystems to commercialize affordable, long-duration fuel cell systems for the portable power market.

"Protonex and Northrop Grumman are jointly developing advanced power systems for mission-critical devices for the U.S. military. Northrop Grumman selected Protonex as the source for its power system after an extensive evaluation program.

"In February 2004, Protonex and Millennium Cell, Inc. entered into a joint development and licensing agreement to create soldier power systems using advanced chemical hydride cartridges. Our ability to provide the same amount of power as existing battery sources at a significantly reduced weight while also simplifying refueling has generated not only widespread acclaim but also additional funding from the military.

"Protonex has established a number of partnerships with various military branches and research agencies within the US government. The Company has been awarded more than $24 million in development funding from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Army Research Office (ARO), Army Research Lab (ARL), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Department of Energy (DOE), and NASA." [2]

Directors 2006 [3]


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